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ENERGISTOs international project expertise specializes in solar PV, but is also accompanied by a proven track record in bio and hydro power. In order to meet our clients demands in renewable energy supply for self consumption and grid feed-in, ENERGISTO ensures a tight cooperation with local professionals who are looking into every detail of given conditions and premises.

What you can expect

A one stop shop for solar PV projects & renewable energy supply

We accompany our clients, mainly consisting of commercial, industrial and public organisations, in developing and realizing energy consumption oriented power plants to become „pro-sumers“ of renewable energy. Our quality approach starts with analysing existing site infrastructure (rooftop or open area) and energy demand. Based on these initial results we start to design a power plant with the most productive combination of materials in order to get the best yield possible.

Building long lasting, well performing renewable energy power plants as well as giving the necessary support with operation & maintenance service during their lifetime (20 years & more) stand for our commitment to high quality products. To keep this level of quality a team of experts is crucial. We gather all proven competencies under one roof that highly values co-work of local professionals and our german ENERGISTO team.

Development, Construction, Maintenance

Medium sized to large scale solar PV rooftops are one of our specialities.

Why Us

6 good reasons to work with us


German engineering & international expertise combined with local experienced professionals


Best fit of components & materials for each project – manufacturer independent


100% self owned company with flexible co-work and network structure to act fast & agile. Economies of scale in purchasing through international project sourcing.


Over 10 years experience in realizing solar PV projects. More than 20 years in engineering and managing construction projects.

360° approach

Serving the whole value chain of a renewable energy project. Incl. renewable energy supply as well as efficiency management.

Smart solutions

Electricity cost reductive, demand-focussed planning, design and sourcing, smart finance approaches - ecological valueable as superior attribute.

Joint forces

Philippine expertise, german engineering ... and a sun that always shines.

Customised renewable energy solutions

Serving all stages of development, implementation and operation

Bringing a solar power plant to life begins with a detailed site inspection as well as an energy data collection and finally leads to surveilled and optimal operation management. Our detailed services along the value chain are:

Site research & selection

Detailed evaluation of the site conditions in every aspect necessary

Energy & site data collection

Initial site and energy demand synthesis and feasibility check

Planning & design

Engineering, initial & detailed technical and commercial planning offers incl. yield simulations


Financing concepts and solutions, investor relations

Community integration

Public consultations & community communication, project marketing, corporate social responsibility activities

Procurement & construction

Procurement of material, logistics, site management, supplier management, construction and commissioning


Technical and economic operations & maintenance, electronic surveillance, performance optimisation and regulation

Consulting & support

Renewable energy supply

Based on our many years of work in the renewables branch combined with business and project development we offer 360° consultancy and concepts for supply as well as efficiency management of renewable energy. Besides solar PV we have also experts in bio and hydro power. We are therefore able to initiate, evaluate and accompany renewable energy projects from different sectors and points of view.

Furthermore we always focus on the existing energy consumption structure and the future demand of our clients to find the best fit of energy sources and how to handle these. Empowerment of self consumption through own produced renewable energy and the smart use of clean energy are issues we are committed to.

Local use case

Solar PV rooftop "Notre Dame of Dadiangas University (NDDU)" in
General Santos City

Watch a video by the students of NDDU as a part of their educational program.

  • 6 buildings
  • 500 kWp
  • 1,850 modules
  • 15 inverters
  • 0.37 ha pv area
  • approx. 695,000 kWh/a
  • approx. 70% self-consumption

Find out more details about the NDDU solar PV project here.

Currently another 2 MWp of local rooftop PV and 20 MWp of large scale ground-mounted PV plants are in planning stage.

International projects

The sustainability of renewable energy power plants will be confirmed by a permanently high energy yield as well as a coherent performance ratio, and last but not least by their maximised integration in community and environment. These are the essential KPIs of our work.

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We develop and realize renewable energy solutions focussed on solar PV power for commercial, industrial and public consumers. Reducing electricity costs and using clean energy in a smart way is our approach for you.

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